Expert Front-End Coding

Front-End JavaScript Developer  [Status:  Available]

My passion is solving complex problems and developing front-end components that deliver an exceptional user experience. I am very detail oriented and always strive to exceed my clients expectations.

I’m up for any task from simple code tweaks to a complex A-to-Z deliverable. I look forward to discussing a project with you!

– Jesse     contact


  •  Front-end JavaScript projects of all types (components, libraries, tweaks, bug fixing, etc...)
  •  Full-stack web development (WordPress / ReactJS / Vue.js / Node.js)
  •  Custom animations using Plutonium or other libraries

Expert Skills

  •  JavaScript (20+ years of front-end experience)
  •  DOM, HTML5, SVG, and CSS manipulation
  •  Vue.js
  •  ReactJS
  •  Node.js / NPM / GitHub / Webpack / Rollup
  •  Back-end Node.js servers / mySQL
  •  RESTful APIs (creating and consuming)
  •  Google APIs (Maps, Drive, and OAuth)
  •  WordPress development
  •  Linux / cPanel / mySQL / SSL Certificates
  •  Master of "pixel perfect" design (Photoshop, InkScape, etc...)

Source Code


Plutonium React-State-Animator

Developer and designer of the Plutonium Animator. I'ts a full tween library for animating React state properties or DOM styles and attributes.

divWidget Visual Interface

Developer and designer of the divWidget web app. It's built using my custom framework, libraries, and a Node.js back-end for e-commerce.

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