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New React Animator

New React Animator

The React animator is a tween library for component state values that works equally well with traditional DOM elements. All the features expected from such a library are packed into an incredibly lightweight size of less then 5K compressed.

  • Amazingly fast and buttery smooth 60FPS animations
  • Works in all modern browsers including Edge and many older browsers
  • Animate any React state property value
  • Animate any DOM style or attribute
  • Define simple 'to' and 'from' values or complex timeline keys
  • Advanced built in easing options like 'bounce', 'elastic', etc...
  • Property options mimic CSS, such as duration, delay, direction, etc..
  • Change any property while animations are active
  • In React complex style value components like transforms can be individually controlled
  • A full API is exposed for controlling groups or individual animations
  • Play, pause, stop, reset, change direction, seek, and more
  • Listen and respond to events such as frame change, iterate, end, etc...
  • Animate styles that CSS can't such as HTML gradients
  • Optional SVG path morphing plugin included (only 3K compressed!)
  • SVG path normalization (points filled, rotated, and oriented to match)

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